I’m Berry Berry Clicked!

Gauri (despairing): “Another Click event? I’m not even through admiring the last one! And I havent posted anything since my last entry. And I’m not even around the next few days…”

(The moaning goes on for a bit.)

Random blog reader (frowning at just photos and no regular recipes on this site): “tsk tsk tsk…. these wannabe food bloggers… clogging up cyberspace… creating a ‘jam’ I tell you.”

Gauri (determined not to let down her blog): “Never mind that I dont have any recipes recently… Even though I’m stuffing myself silly on some gorgeous food these past few days… I ‘will’ post them ‘soon’ 😀 . So don’t lose heart, dear random blog reader, to tide you till the next recipe appears, I have a lovely picture to enter Click yet again; something ‘berry berry’ red, and ‘berry berry’ enticing…”

Berry Berry Red, Berry Berry Enticing

berry berry red, berry berry enticing

This pic is from a strawberry farm in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Understandably, we had a berry overload towards the end of our holiday.

Berries in abundance are a delightful site, of course. But the single red, fruit here makes it look all the more enticing, methinks!


2 responses to “I’m Berry Berry Clicked!

  1. great picture!!! i came here from the click gallery — your photo is just wonderful.

  2. nice pic gauri!

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