World Peace be damned

You’ve heard of the famous world peace cookies? So so many other blogs have talked about? I messed up something as simple as that. Thinking back, I could kick myself for making such simple mistakes. Like using large granules of sugar, and working the dough much when advised not to.

The simple shortbread is one of first cookies I ever made, about 7-8 years back. And even then, I think I used granulated sugar once. Since the cookies had basically just flour, sugar and butter, it tasted awful and floury since the sugar had not blended in well. So many years, and tons of baking later, I made the same mistake again, with the world peace cookies! In my older recipe too, the dough had to be worked with a gentle hand – too much pressure and the cookie would turn out hard instead of sandy. And I promptly kept messing with the dough since the damn thing wouldn’t hold together. And why wasnt it holding together? Because I used 3 tbsp less butter than was asked for. *some more mental kicking*

And to top it all, I used a dark baking sheet. Not that I have a choice here since I dont have anything else. But then the cookie bottom burnt, and became bitter! Half the dough is still sitting mournfully in my refrigetator, and I stubbornly refuse to forgive it and myself for the mess. *sulk*

I have made some other wonderful things this week as gifts for my mum on my weekend visits to my parents’ home. They will find their deserved blogging glory, but till then, world peace be damned!


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