Why the Guj food guide?

These are (or rather will be) the chronicles of a Tamil daughter-in-law learning to cook from a Gujarati mother-in-law. My cooking skills are reasonable at best, even though I am hugely interested in all matters food. Recipes are being recorded here largely so that I may recall them at a later date, and because in my first week of learning to cook, I have been swamped with recipe inquiries already! It’s apparent that Gujju food has a huge fan following, and and like me, lots others that are curious about what goes into its making. So here I have it, from the mother-in-law’s mouth (she’s totally cool and I can hardly call her a horse!), the best kept secrets of Gujju food.


One response to “Why the Guj food guide?

  1. way to go sis!

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