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A Handvo pot… Clicked

One cool event this. Click. Where you strut your blog’s photos according to a monthly theme.

And this is my entry.

A Handvo pot…

handvo pot clicked

This is an aluminium contraption in which handvo – a Gujju snack – is prepared. The closest I can get to describing the handvo is that it is a savoury cake, chock full of grains and vegetables, spices, some oil, and a bit of soda and buttermilk for leavening. It is topped with sesame and coriander leaves which bake the top to a crisp. The cooking contraption, I think, is somewhat like a chiffon cake/ angel food cake pan – a very deep tube. It sits on a plate filled with damp sand to help conduct the heat better. It also has a hole in the middle, where you can see the flame rising from in the image. This hole helps cook the center of the handvo. What you see above is the handvo batter being setup for cooking.

Coming to the photograph, since this event is about photography, I would have personally preferred to enter this image, which shows metal in all its glory! But the absence of a culinary context prevented me, and I settled for the handvo pot.